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 Advocacy & Financial Services

General and Complex Advocacy Services


We recognise, that in addition to our CoVision projects; that many of you are still navigating the current waters in relation to employment matters, financial matters, education, travel, health care, access to businesses and many other issues, whether brought about by the mandates or not. In light of this, we will be offering Advocacy services from a skilled team, who will assess your matter in the first instance, then progress the matter in the appropriate manner or forum if required or make the appropriate referrals to our informed networks of professionals.


Our assessment process will be thorough, as we don’t see the point in wasting your money and our time, for a matter that has no chance of recourse. We know that other organisations will take your case regardless of the known outcome; however, we believe that time is our greatest resource, and we don’t have any to waste! Your initial telephone assessment of up to one hour, will be $350, and in some instances, we may even be able to resolve your issue during that call. Further work required for your matter, whether it be basic written communications through to Fair Work or Court matters; will be assessed and costed on a case-by-case basis and where legal advice is required, you will be referred to one of our linked lawyers.

Financial Advocacy and Guidance

Our Financial Advocacy services, will cover a broad range of topics, including, but not isolated to: Support and information on: re-financing, budgeting, dispute resolution, hardship matters, accessing superannuation, debt consolidation, support with exisiting banking, understanding banking, information about your rights, Ombudsman matters, AFCA applications and much more. Your one-hour consultation with one of our Financial Advocates will be $150, with further work required, costed on a case-by-case basis at a very reasonable hourly or fixed cost rate. 

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