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Become a CoVisionary

As an individual, couple or as part of a family household; one of our Advocates will contact you to organise a suitable time (up to 1 hour), via a secure medium, either an online session or call via Telegram or Signal, to discuss your vision (including any obstacles you currently have); your talents and skills, the time you have available and your resources that you are able to share and commit.


This appraisal; will establish you in our data base (which is strictly offline and not publicly available), and will include extensive details pertaining to your skillsets, location, prepared travel distance, your needs, your family dynamic, your available shareable resources and much more.


Once established, the resources within that database, will be available to obtain everything from employment, health care, companionship, food, education, housing, services and everything in between! We envisage this operating as a call centre, whereby, you submit your query to our central hub, and our team will locate your nearest available solution and provide you with the available options. This is the simplest way to maintain the secure integrity of the database.

There will be a once-off cost of $65 for this appraisal if you are one household, and $90 if you are an extended family in one or two households, doing an appraisal with us together (Adult children or parents). Once we establish the database, we will then inform you of the next steps and thinktank workshops that will run in your area to activate the next steps of the project.


We anticipate that we will be able to:

  1. Organise food cooperatives in specific areas;

  2. Offer a comprehensive referral service to all talents offered by our co-visionaries (this will be via emails directed to our co-visionaries and will not be advertised on the website);

  3. We want to be able to develop talents and skills in our co-visionaries to enable them to offer services to others in our community where we see a specific service missing in our database;

  4. Essential services would look at tutoring, teaching for childcare, primary, secondary, trades and special skills and university (many students have been pushed out of their studies and curriculums and we want to urgently facilitate opportunities for cross-training and employment);

  5. Facilitate employment opportunities between co-visionaries;

  6. Set up our own systems of exchange;

  7. Recommend solutions for water security and food security including setting up urban farms with affordable strategies in key homes and/or set up intentional communities to facilitate families escaping financial hardship.


The sky is the limit and we intend on canvassing all of these opportunities in our CoVision appraisals.

Image by Shane Rounce
Co-Vision Appraisal Contact Form
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Please Note: Appointment times cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to accomodate your preferences where possible.

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NB: A Standard Appraisal covers you, you partner and children (if applicable).

An Extended Family Appraisal covers your household, and another household with extended family members (Adult children, Parents etc.). The other household must be present for the Appraisal.


Please ensure you check your email inbox, junk or spam for advice about your submission and your next steps.

Thanks for submitting your order! We will be in touch soon.

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