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Thu, 01 Feb




Thomas Hansen will run a SMSF setup workshop on 1 February 2024 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (AEDT) next year for Covision Members.

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Time & Location

01 Feb 2024, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT



About the event

CoVisionary Thomas Hansen, has kindly offered to run an online workshop for CoVisionaries, relating to SMSF.

The entire process (from start to finish) of setting up the SMSF + transferring funds from an industry superfund (like Australian Super or HostPlus) to your onw SMSF bank accounts will be covered.    There's so many hurdles that you need to jump through (e.g. getting signed + verified bank statements for an empty superfund bank account, approval questionnaire flows for Aussie Super, getting more than 10k of money out of my ANZ V2 Plus account -> Bullion Now for Gold Transactions etc.) its just a big nightmare 🤯

This workshop aims to provide a detailed SMSF setup guide (which hopefully others can then download for free) so they can follow either a similar process to the one Thomas did (or maybe approach an expert accountant for setting up a SMSF without any Directors ID / Digital ID). And empower other Covision Members to have the confidence to setup one themselves.

Having more individuals with their own SMSF's / Company Trust means that they are in full control of their super finances.

As Senator Gerard Rennick mentioned on his Facebook Page

You are not in control of your finances unless you have a SMSF 💰 Its the trustee of your super fund who has control (which in 99% of cases is Australian Super / Hostplus etc.)

The Australian government will try to come after people's hard earned superannuation (if there is a big financial crash etc). Key aboriginal voice members, even mentioned this in some of their videos they want to 'tax white settlers superannuation' to compensate the Aboriginal First Nations People for 'stealing + living off their land' etc. 🤦

All it takes is 1 change in superannuation laws; like we saw earlier this year (Albo 'promised' before the election that superannuation would remain untouched) 😅 to impact people.

This law change only penalises people who have over $3 million in their superfund; which is about 0.5% of the total Australian population.

BUT as we've seen things can change quickly; and the government will do ANYTHING for more money (soon it could be anyone with over $1 million dollars in super, 100k in super etc.)

Having more people with their own SMSF means they can control their funds (and potentially) keep them hidden / protected from these evil greedy grubberments, that want us all to own nothing and be happy. 😉

They can invest their super in assets like Gold, Silver, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency etc.

In future (if push comes to shove, and I pray that this possibility doesn't happen 🙏 ) we can potentially combine all of our 'gold bars together' and purchase community farmland together (with each individual person having a small share / stake in the asset). Or buy tractors / farming tools with our gold + silver on the blackmarket which the government can't stop.

Anything outside the current financial system that the government / elite bankers can't control means more power to us the people 💪

This event will include slide handouts and Q&A. We are requesting a donation of $5.00 for this event in order to keep our CoVision Events platform running.



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