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Welcome to CoVision

Collective Collaboration inspiring new Cooperative Cohesive Communities

Our journey as Australians Say No, has come to an end, and we now enter our next phase of growth towards a better future for all. The time of negotiating with corrupt officials is over. We invite you to claim your freedom and forge a better path with CoVision.

​CoVision is finally here! We are calling on everyone who is ready to transform their talents, time and resources into a cohesive assembly of solutions that will unlock our potential and create thriving and connected communities.

We will facilitate safe spaces for learning the necessary skills that will enable us to create food security, water security, access to shelter, health and education and safe spaces for all.

These basic necessities, that are fundamental pre-cursors to thriving communities, have come under serious attack by our Government and their proxies. Many of us have forgotten that we are capable and don’t need artificial monetary structures to tap into our potential and create a free world for ourselves, our loved ones and the plants and animals that share our space.

Many of us are confronting, or will confront, compromised futures if we don’t take the immediate steps in working together towards a more co-operative, safer and more cohesive Australia.

​CoVision is creating a more viable path to living, that promotes cohesiveness, instead of divisiveness.

​Become a forward-thinking visionary and join this organised process of re-imagining a better future for all. If you are already on this path then it is even more important that you join us so that we may learn from each other. We don’t want to develop closed or exclusive communities. This is a community that is about building trust, harnessing opportunities to tap and develop all of our talents and manifesting the systems that we want rather than fighting the existing systems that have rejected us.

Register today to become a CoVisionary and join us for a unique and inspiring experience, helping to shape our future together.

Watering the Garden
Image by Shane Rounce
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