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CoVision Pilot Projects

At CoVision, we are building a strong and vibrant community that focuses on the collective good. We believe that by coming together we can create parallel structures that can protect our primary survival needs such as food, health, and shelter. We also recognise the importance of getting out of debt and out of a system that no longer supports us.

Our mission is to empower and inspire people to create sustainable communities through leadership, collaboration, and creativity. We provide resources, advice, and support to help individuals create a better life for themselves and others. Here you can find the projects we are currently building to see how you can be part of a growing movement of individuals working towards a better future.

Our Pilot Programs are primarily Victorian-based; however, there has; and will continue to be; extensive research in to all of the pro's, cons and specifics of these programs, and we hope that those CoVisionaries living in other states of Australia; will embrace the initiatives with our support, guidance and collaboration; in order to replicate these programs across all of Australia.

In order to learn more about our CoVision Pilot Programs and Projects; you will need to join CoVision by signing up here for a CoVision Appraisal. 

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