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Conciliation Services

We understand that many of the Australian institutions have failed people; in many instances, they have stolen children from loving parents.


Where there is an opportunity to mediate and arbitrate a dispute between two parties, we offer our dispute resolution services with a view of reaching an amicable outcome.

Boycotting our corrupt institutions is not enough, We need to provide alternatives, and we have skilled facilitators who have specialisations in social work, counselling, mediation and conciliation that go beyond the law.


Lawyers and judges, are often the most unskilled individuals in dispute resolution. Our arbitration house is not a court room but a space that is both safe and inviting. This is neither about winning nor punishing anyone.


Our goal is to help you understand the other party, and avoid the pitfalls that lay ahead with unresolved conflicts. Compromise is a blessing and we can help you achieve that outcome.


Your initial telephone assessment of up to one hour, will be $60, with full Arbitration, fairly costed on a case-by-case basis.

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