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Homeschooling  Services

Homeschool Resource and Consultancy Services


Connecting Teachers and Parents


We want a better future for our children, parents and teachers. Connecting parents to accredited teachers and to other parents who are seeking alternative education arrangements, to create systems that work to empower the students.

We have now launched our own home schooling resources and consultancy service, which will provide you with all of the resources required to launch you in to your homeschooling journey with confidence.

Our team of homeschool consultants, are mothers  and fathers , and are also skilled teachers, whom have navigated the pitfalls and other obstacles that can be found on this empowering journey, and they have streamlined their learnings in to an amazing package, that they will be thrilled to share with you. In addition; your appraisal with one of our consultants, will also provide you the opportunity to 'pick their brains' about matters specific to your homeschooling journey.

We appreciate that the transition to home schooling can feel a little overwhelming for some, however, as Picasso says, “action is the foundational key to all success.” CoVision is here to offer you the services of  highly experienced primary and secondary school teachers who will work to support you and your family into a smoother home school transition.

With their diverse background in school leadership, curriculum development and coaching for inquiry-based learning; our teaching specialists have extensive experience, differentiating teaching and learning programs which foster learning through children’s innate curiosity. We aim to support the specific learning needs of neuro diverse learners, including ASD, ADHD and sensory processing spectrums.

This consultancy service package, is designed to support parents and carers transitioning from mainstream school to a home-schooling model.

Our highly experienced education Consultants, will provide you with the following support:

In addition, our CoVision data base when complete; will provide you with the ability to seek out other home schoolers, tutors and extra-curricular activities for your children in your vicinity, so be sure to sign up to a CoVision Appraisal, to ensure access to this invaluable resource.

Our Consultants are versed in both primary and secondary education, and you can select which suits you best when completing your submission form.

Putting children first and respect for freedom of choice and human rights.

The consultancy service package is split into three basic sessions that will cover:

  • Up to 60-minute Zoom session to meet and discuss the specific needs of your child and discuss the options available for different models that will fit your child’s needs.

  • Detailed discussion about all the processes as to how to meet state government home-schooling requirements.

  • Application form to register you for home school (state specific) emailed directly to you.

  • A personalised learning plan template with suggested activities to get you started.

  • Follow up email and/or phone call, if required, to touch base about the integration of your child with the learning plan.


Through this page you can book in for your first session that is costed at $60 and includes the initial zoom or telephone session, to discuss your child’s needs and the best model.

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Please Note: Appointment times cannot be guaranteed, but we will do our best to accomodate your preferences where possible.

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