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Vicki Jarkassian and the Alfred Heart Centre Withdrawal of Heart Transplant Case

Vicki Jarkassian-Derderian has withdrawn her case from VCAT. (VCAT Reference: H133/2022)

In September 2021, Vicki believed that the Alfred Heart Centre had thoroughly evaluated her eligibility for a heart transplant and had agreed to proceed. However, the Centre requested Vicki to obtain a comprehensive list of vaccinations, including three primary doses of any provisionally approved Covid-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca).

Vicki diligently researched and fulfilled all the necessary requirements for the recommended vaccines, except for the Covid-19 vaccinations. Her objection to these specific vaccines was based on the existence of well-documented serious adverse events. The Alfred Heart Centre stated that she would not receive a heart transplant without being vaccinated.

Vicki took legal action against The Board of the Alfred Hospital to challenge the vaccination requirement. During the hearing, conflicting advice on vaccines was given by experts from the Alfred Heart Centre, confirming Vicki’s doubts about their recommendations.

Despite acknowledging that the threat of Covid to Vicki had significantly diminished and the compelling evidence presented, the Alfred Heart Centre maintained its position. Additionally, they acknowledged that they do not differentiate or discriminate against patients undergoing other surgeries, procedures, and treatments that do not necessitate vaccination, in stark contrast to their policy regarding heart transplants. Disturbingly, they also denied any firsthand knowledge of adverse events related to Covid vaccines, despite the tragic case of Natalie Boyce, a 21-year-old woman who tragically passed away at The Alfred Hospital five weeks after receiving a "lethal Moderna vaccine booster shot."

In a questionable turn of events, the Alfred Heart Centre conducted an extensive evaluation of Vicki just prior to the closing submissions. Surprisingly, this evaluation concluded that Vicki was deemed ineligible for a heart transplant based on the presumed likelihood of experiencing multiple organ failure, namely renal and lung. Strangely, this decision was made without the involvement of renal or respiratory specialists, and it is worth noting that Vicki does not require dialysis or any other oxygen-like treatment at this time.

This sudden decision made the ongoing case irrelevant and redundant. Vicki does not want to set a precedent that cannot be appealed due to lack of utility and standing.

Vicki raises concerns about the decision-making processes within hospitals, influenced by pharmaceutical companies, without comprehensive risk assessments or individual analysis. She questions the one-size-fits-all approach to therapeutics and emphasizes the need for evaluating each treatment's risk/benefit profile.

During the hearing, the Tribunal member made remarks greatly undermining Vicki's trust in the entire process. Despite this unfortunate incident, Vicki remains grateful for and takes pride in the unwavering dedication and expertise displayed by her own team of experts, Dr. Christopher Neil and Geraldine Brizard-Mandin. Additionally, Vicki commends her representative, Serene Teffaha, for her exceptional performance in cross-examining the opposing experts—an achievement acknowledged even by the representative from the Alfred Heart Centre.

Despite Vicki having a compelling case, due to the diagnosis of multiple organ failure by the Alfred Heart Centre, she believes that any success would ultimately be a Pyrrhic victory as it would take her no closer to receiving a heart transplant. On the other hand, if she were to lose, it would set a dangerous precedent that she would find difficult to appeal due to her fragile state of health.

Vicki thanks everyone for their support and is considering alternative options, including second medical opinions and exploring options overseas.

Ultimately Vicki thanks God for giving her the patience to handle this challenge. She trusts God that there is wisdom in the way the situation has unfolded for her and her family.

For more information, please refer to the attached article by Frank Chung and follow Vicki's progress on her Facebook page.

Please join in supporting Vicki by coming along to the fundraising night at Chelsea Heights Hotel on 22 July 2023. Tickets are purchased here:

For the extended version of the media release please click on the PDF below:

22.06.2023__Vicki (Frigouhi) Jarkassian__Media Release
Download PDF • 186KB

Media Contact:

Serene Teffaha

Advocate, CoVision

0425 754 299

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Jun 29, 2023

Sending you healing, may you feel the love that surrounds, may your forgive those who you feel have hurt you. May you heal the anger that trapped your heart. May you see the beauty that awaits for you⚛️. Blessings 💜💖💚

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